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Sol et Luna in Concert

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Songs from Beyond

Concert – Mystery

September 15 at 20:00 at Polli Talu in Rame küla

September 19 at 18:30 at Jaani Church in Haapsalu

An evening of compositions

by Mieczysław Eligiusz Litwiński

to mystical poetry of the East and the West

by the duo

Sol et Luna

Saba Zuzanna Krasoczko (voice, harmonium, daf)

Mieczysław Eligiusz Litwiński (voice, harmonium, violin, viola, tar, setar, zither)

 „Songs from Beyond” is an evening of songs composed by Mieczysław Eligiusz Litwiński to mystical poetry of the East and the West. In the program: compositions to the words of Apollonios from Tyana, Jalaluddin Rumi, Angelus Silesius, Novalis, Adam Mickiewicz, Konstantin Balmont as well as hymns and charms from the Papyrus of Nurse Kai – one of the versions of the Egyptian Book of the Dead – on display in the National Museum in Warsaw. Those songs are sung in Polish, German, Lithuanian, Russian, Persian and Old Greek.

The program is characterized by a large historical span; it is multi faceted, multi-lingual and multi-cultural. The pieces are most often set to original texts, and their linking motif is their calling at the broadly understood religious sphere, connecting man with the supernatural world. There are chants, prayers and hymns from several religious universes: Christianity, Pythagoreism, Islam and Old Egyptian faith, and all that is permeated by the spirit of mysticism.

Press quotes

Otherworldly and extraordinary” (The Warsaw Voice), „Virtuoso vocal range” (The New York Times), „True musical spells” (Gazeta Wyborcza), „Musical alchemy and magic” (Urbane Aboriginale, Berlin) – these are but some of the voices of the critics, who emphasise the unusual fusion or blending of the artists’ voices. It is a “conjunction of the opposites” of its own, special kind: voices of the man and the woman complement each other, creating a fascinating impression of one “otherworldly” voice of incredible fullness and power of expression. Their use of the voice is also quite unusual: they perform many an unexpected trick combining classical singing with vocal styles from Persia, India, Byzantium, together with extended vocal techniques and some vocal acrobatics of their own. Noteworthy is also their power of improvisation. Their inspired art has been heard in Germany, Italy (on the Roman Foro Traiano), in Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland as well as in Iran. The music they perform goes beyond all categories. „His (Litwiński’s) … is a kind of timeless music, music that belongs to no century, or to all centuries” (John Schaefer, „New Sounds”, New York Public Radio). „In Litwinski’s music, one can sense a patina of the ancient, without, however, it being bound to any historical period. It is marked with timeless archaicness, drawing from mystical sources of many different cultures” (Matthias Osterwald, Urbane Aboriginale Festival VII, Berlin).

Polli Talu saab 20!

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Back at the Farm

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Summer came early this year and I missed spring all together.  All my tulips had already bloomed and so had cowslip, which I love to pick for tea. Immediately upon arriving, I went looking for the three Lady’s Slipper plants I had discovered last summer. And yes, all three where there and I found a forth one as well. I truly feel blessed to have such magnificent wild orchids living on my land.

Estonian Autumn Magic

img_0209 img_0211 img_0229 img_0224img_0232 img_0236 img_0242 img_0244 img_0245 img_0247

Estonian Summer Magic

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Polli Talu has a new floor !

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Thanks to all dear people who donated to the cause, we were able to rebuild the floor in the art studio/dining room : ) Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! And on Sunday a first group of birdwatchers had the honor of eating lunch in our beautiful dining room.














Armsad toetajad – Polli uus põrand on valmis : ) Südamlikud tänud kõikidele annetajatele ! Ning esimene linnuvaatlusgrupp sai pühapäeval meie imeilusas söögisaalis lõunatada.


Polli Talu Needs a New Floor

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Dear friends of Polli Talu Arts Center,

Twenty years after thatching the first roof, Polli Talu Arts Center needs its first major repair. In order to continue the activities and services that Polli Talu offers, we need to replace the floor in the art studio/dining room.

Please click here to help us raise the necessary funds to install a new wooden floor through the Estonian version of Kickstarter.


Armsad Polli talu sõbrad,

20 aastat peale restaureerimisööde alguse vajab Polli talu esimest tõsisemat remonditööd – tegevuse jätkamiseks tuleb uuendada söögisaali puitpõrandat.

Palun klikka siia ning ole pai ja anna hoogu Polli põranda remondile !





Back at the Farm

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Happy to be back at Polli Talu! The summer awaits with workshops and retreats!

IMG_3977 IMG_3993 IMG_4010 IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_4027 IMG_4065 IMG_4042

Polli Talu’s NEW cookbook is out!

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Looduslik toit – ehe ja tervendav is available at all bookstores in Estonia.

You can also order it directly from the author – please inquire at


Intervjuu ja raamatu uudis

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Cornelia Freise, kes juhendab Pollil juba 9. aastat tantsulaagrit naistele andis intervjuu’s.


Cornelia raamat “Tantsi! oma südamest, Naiselik teadmine liikumises” ilmus hiljuti eestikeelses väljaandes ning see on saadaval kõikides raamatupoodides Eestis ja samuti Polli talus.

Rick Kleffel interviews Marika Blossfeldt

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This hour-long interview by Rick Kleffel gives you a little bit of the history behind Polli Talu and its award-winning cookbook and nutrition guide Essential Nourishment

Polli Talu’s Cookbook wins Award in Paris

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On March 6, 2012, the eve of the Paris Cookbook Fair, Marika Blossfeldt was presented with 3rd place at the prestigious GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS in the health and nutrition category for her book Essential Nourishment, Recipes from My Estonian Farm.

The certificate reads: Best Nutrition Book in the World, Third


Polli Talu’s cookbook and nutrition guide is available at as well as on,, and