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Dancing with the Lindworm

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Clarity, Love and Intuition in Dance

with Cornelia Freise (Germany)

July 10 – 16, 2019

We live by mystery and not by explanations.

Cecil Collins

Foto: Malle Kosk

A Nordic fairy tale tells the story of a lindworm. He appears as the unknown older brother of the prince as he searches for a bride. The prince realizes that there must have been something secretive about his birth. The king and the queen agree to shed light on the secret story and invite the lindworm back into their castle. In the night of their birth, the first born son was born a small lindworm, upon which the midwife immediately threw him out of the window.

The king and the queen also look for a bride for the lindworm. After many women have been eaten by the lindworm, there is but one courageous young woman left, who has a closeness to the natural world. She makes it a condition, to be granted one year and a day to prepare for the wedding. She looks for guidance in nature and follows the advice of an old woman whom she meets by an old oak tree. On the wedding day she openly meets the lindworm and negotiates her terms with him. If she takes off one of her 12 embroidered wedding shirts, the lindworm must take off one layer of his scales. Thus it happens that the lindworm lets go of more and more of his protective shields. At the end a badly wounded male being appears, whom his bride scrubbs clean and then bathes in milk, at which point the transformation comes to a happy end. The prince and the bride spend a wonderful wedding night together.

When we dance this story with the attitudes of courage, simplicity and truth, we can get access to deeper parts of ourselves, and are able to confront what we have exiled from ourselves. Dance offers a playful and easy way to experience the power in our body and to express it. While dancing, we can feel connected to the Whole and become whole again.

Cornelia works with dances out of the space of the heart, circle dances, dreams and heart meditation.

No prior dance training is required.

Each participant is herself responsible fro what happens during the dance sessions.

Cornelia Freise, born in 1957, lives in Bremen, Germany. As a lawyer she worked on several scientific projects. In 1986 the direction of her life changed and she began to teach sacred dance. Since 1992 she has worked as a freelance dance therapist (HPG). In 1996 she founded „The Dancing Wild Sow – Institute for Transformation through Dance, Meditative Dancing and Dance Therapy“ in Bremen which offers „Dancing from the Space of the Heart“ as a 2-year dance education for people from different professional back grounds. Since 1985 she follows the mystical path of the golden Sufis which inspires and carries her work. Since 2002 she conducts dance workshops in California, Singapore and Estonia. In 2010 Cornelia published a book on her way of dancing in German. The Estonian translation „Tantsi! oma südamest“ was released in 2013.


We will begin on Wednesday with dinner at 18.00 and end on Tuesday with breakfast.


Euro 683 includes the workshop fee, meals and housing (transfer to Polli Talu and international travel is not included).

Transfer from the airport to Polli Talu by car costs Euro 100 – and can be shared by max 4 participants.



Blissful Kundalini Yoga Vacation

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with Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

July 23 – 29, 2019

A week of awareness, relaxation and deep rest

Sometimes a week away from your everyday surroundings works wonders. It can put you in touch with who you really are, what you really want from your life and provide insights, inspiration and support to start things moving in a fresh direction.The week at my arts and wellness center gives you the opportunity to explore your passions and connect to your purpose while enjoying a most pleasurable time with blissful yoga, delicious vegetarian food, aromatic yogi tea, luxurious massages, breath walks and soothing meditations.Relax and rejuvenate in the serenity of the Western Estonian countryside. Experience white nights, juniper groves and wooded meadows filled with wildflowers and herbs. Explore beautiful sites as we set out on a day trip to visit local museums, medieval castles, bird sanctuaries, bogs and islands.

Kundalini yoga is based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. A dynamic form of yoga, combining postures, stretching, movement, meditation, breathing, and chanting, it stimulates the glands, strengthens the nervous system, opens meridians, and balances chakras. The practice of Kundalini yoga brings with it a sense of wellbeing that is immediately tangible. After a yoga session one feels grounded, energized and uplifted. It helps to relax the body and calm the mind, increasing our capacity for concentration, creativity and intuition. Ultimately, it brings us to a deeper understanding of our potentials and ourselves and allows for a harmonious merging of body, mind and soul with the universal energy surrounding us.I invite you to delve in and immerse yourself into a holistic way of being and living, where body, mind and spirit are integrated and deeply cared for.

Retreat Details 

Two Kundalini Yoga classes per day and morning Sadhana

This ancient practice combines postures, stretching, movement, meditation, breathing and chanting. It is a stimulating work out for your body, mind and spirit. In the morning, yoga is followed by an hour of chanting to clear your subconscious mind of negativity, of thoughts that hold you back or cast a shadow on your divine inner being.


Enjoy the therapeutic and relaxing effects of classical massages or Reiki treatments.

Breath Walks

A safe and easy work-out that keeps your body and heart fit while increasing oxygen levels in your blood, helping to fire up your metabolism and optimize calorie burning capacity while at the same time clearing your mind and expanding your awareness of the here and now.

Evening Meditations

At the end of the day ground yourself and calm your mind in preparation for a restful and deep sleep.

Day Trip

Explore beautiful sites in Western Estonia as we set out to visit nature reserves, medieval castles, bird sanctuaries and bogs.

Click here to join us for a blissful week at my farm in Estonia!


Oh yes, Kundalini Yoga can be challenging, but it is also so much fun! Especially with the instructions given by Marika! Her friendly, charismatic voice guides you through the exercises, explains, encourages and helps to relax. It’s a great experience and combined with soothing massages, delicious healthy food and a nice excursion it was a bliss, I will never forget!     – Marion

I loved Polli Talu and its setting and felt it was a perfect getaway that allowed us to focus on body, mind and spirit. I liked the daily schedule but also the fact that we had free time each morning and afternoon to read, write, sleep, have a massage, walk, whatever. The mix of a schedule with definite times for meals, yoga, meditation with the free time was perfect and wonderful. The daily breath walks were amazing. After the retreat, I felt totally refreshed and more relaxed.     – Christina

We enjoyed the week-long retreat tremendously. The yoga program was very diverse and well-rounded, alternating between strenuous and deeply relaxing exercises. We also enjoyed the outing very much, a chance to get to know some of the stunning natural sites in Estonia. All aspects of the retreat came together as a beautiful whole, including the lovely food. Polli Talu is a special place on planet Earth which emanates peace and tranquility. The hostess is warmhearted and welcoming and made us feel like members of her family immediately.     – Kerstin and Guido

This yoga retreat is the perfect time out! For one week, I get to exchange my hectic and stress-laden life for a few peaceful days in nature, lots of yoga and time for myself, wonderful food (luckily you can now find most recipes in Marika’s cookbook), interesting encounters and enriching conversations with other retreat participants – and all of this at an incomparably beautiful and magical place! Ever since I went there the first time, I hold Polli Talu in my heart – all year long.      – Sandra

Marika was certified by 3HO Kundalini Yoga East in New York City. She has over 20 years of international teaching experience.

A licensed Massage Therapist from Estonia will administer massages.

No previous experience in yoga is required. Beginners are very welcome!


We will begin with lunch on July 23 and end with breakfast on July 29.

Cost for retreat

USD 750 includes meals and accommodations, classes, 2 massages, and 1 outing per person (transfer to Polli Talu and international travel is not included)

Transfer from the airport to Polli Talu by car costs Euro 100 – and can be shared by max 4 participants.

Book by May 1 and save with Early Bird pricing at USD 650.


Cornelia Freise naiste tantsulaager …

… leiab aset 10. – 16. juuli 2019

Registreerimine algab 1. detsembril 2018


 Selgus, Armastus ja Intuitsioon Tantsus

“Me elame saladusest, mitte seletustest.”

Cecil Collins

Foto: Malle Kosk

Üks põhjamaine muinasjutt pajatab loo lohemaost. Selgub, et too on printsi vanem vend, kellest midagi ei teata. Alles siis, kui prints asub endale pruuti otsima, avastab ta, et tema sünnilooga on seotud saladus. Kuningas ja kuninganna on nõus saladusliku loo päevavalgele tooma ja kutsuvad lohe tagasi lossi elama. Kahe venna sündimise ööl tuli esimesena ilmale väike lohemadu, kelle ämmaemand kohe aknast välja viskas.

Seejärel hakkavad ka kuningas ja kuninganna lohemaole naist otsima. Kui lohe on kõik võimalikud väljavalitud nahka pistnud, jääb järele veel vaid üks julge noor naine, kes pole kaotanud oma lähedust loodusega. Naine seab aga tingimuseks, et talle antaks pulmadeks ettevalmistamiseks aega üks aasta ja üks päev. Ta otsib juhatust looduselt ja võtab kuulda vana naise nõu, keda ta ühel päeval tamme juures kohtab. Pulmapäeval astub pruut avasüli lohemaole vastu ja kaupleb tollega välja kokkuleppe: ta on valmis võtma ükshaaval ült kõik 12 enda poolt tikitud pulmahamet tingimusel, et iga seljast langeva hame puhul loobub lohemadu ühest oma soomuste kihist. Nii juhtubki, et lohe annab kiht kihi haaval üha rohkem oma soomuseid ja nahku ära, kuni lõpuks jääb temast järele vaid üks üleni haavadega kaetud meesolevus, kelle tema noor abikaasa esmalt puhtaks küürib ja siis piimas vannitab. Nii jõuab muundumisprotsess lõpuks õnneliku lõpplahenduseni ja mõlemad saavad veeta mehe ja naisena koos kauni pulmaöö.

Kui me seda lugu tantsime, julguses, lihtsuses ja tões, jõuame sügavamate osadeni endas ja oleme võimelised silmitsi seisma sellega, mille oleme endas välistanud. Tants pakub meile mängulise ja lihtsa võimaluse kogeda oma kehas väge ja seda väljendada. Nii saame tunda endas ühendust TERVIKlikkusega ja ise taas terviklikuks saada.

Tantsime Südameruumi tantse (originaalnimetus saksa keeles: Tanzen aus dem Raum des Herzens®), vaba tantsu, tegeleme unenägude ja südamemeditatsioonidega.

Juhendamine toimub saksakeeles – tõlkega eestikeelde. Eelnev tantsukogemus ei ole vajalik.

Cornelia Freise, sündinud 1957, elukoht Bremenis Saksamaal. Õigusteaduste magister ja psühhoterapeut (HPG). 25 aastane meditatiivse tantsu ja tantsuteraapia gruppidele juhendamise kogemus. Biodanza – Dance of Life täiendkoolitus. Alates 1992 vabakutseline. 1996 asutas tantsulise transformatsiooni, meditatiivse tantsu ja tantsuteraapia arenguinstituudi „Die tanzende Wildsau“, mis pakub erinevate elukutsete esindajatele kaheaastast tantsukoolitust „Südame ruumi tants®“. Alates 2002 rahvusvahelised workshopid Singapuris, Kalifornias ning Eestis. Cornelia Freiselt on ilmunud raamat, Tanze! dein Herz – weibliches Wissen in Bewegung, 2010. Raamatu eestindus Tantsi! oma südant – naiselik teadmine liikumises ilmus 2013.

Alustame kolmapäeval õhtusöögiga kell 18.00, ja lõpetame teisipäeval hommikusöögiga.

kursusest osavõtt 450.00 EUR (hinna sisse kuuluvad kõik söögid)
ööbimine voodis 21.00 EUR/öö (voodipesu Pollilt)
ööbimine madratsi 16.80 EUR/ öö (voodipesu Pollilt)
ööbimine oma telgis 10.50 EUR/ öö


Polli Talu kokalaager

Viimane laager sellel hooajal!

Tule 29. ja 30. septembril meiega kokkama

Vaata täpsemalt siit

Sol et Luna in Concert

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Songs from Beyond

Concert – Mystery

September 15 at 20:00 at Polli Talu in Rame küla

September 19 at 18:30 at Jaani Church in Haapsalu

An evening of compositions

by Mieczysław Eligiusz Litwiński

to mystical poetry of the East and the West

by the duo

Sol et Luna

Saba Zuzanna Krasoczko (voice, harmonium, daf)

Mieczysław Eligiusz Litwiński (voice, harmonium, violin, viola, tar, setar, zither)

 „Songs from Beyond” is an evening of songs composed by Mieczysław Eligiusz Litwiński to mystical poetry of the East and the West. In the program: compositions to the words of Apollonios from Tyana, Jalaluddin Rumi, Angelus Silesius, Novalis, Adam Mickiewicz, Konstantin Balmont as well as hymns and charms from the Papyrus of Nurse Kai – one of the versions of the Egyptian Book of the Dead – on display in the National Museum in Warsaw. Those songs are sung in Polish, German, Lithuanian, Russian, Persian and Old Greek.

The program is characterized by a large historical span; it is multi faceted, multi-lingual and multi-cultural. The pieces are most often set to original texts, and their linking motif is their calling at the broadly understood religious sphere, connecting man with the supernatural world. There are chants, prayers and hymns from several religious universes: Christianity, Pythagoreism, Islam and Old Egyptian faith, and all that is permeated by the spirit of mysticism.

Press quotes

Otherworldly and extraordinary” (The Warsaw Voice), „Virtuoso vocal range” (The New York Times), „True musical spells” (Gazeta Wyborcza), „Musical alchemy and magic” (Urbane Aboriginale, Berlin) – these are but some of the voices of the critics, who emphasise the unusual fusion or blending of the artists’ voices. It is a “conjunction of the opposites” of its own, special kind: voices of the man and the woman complement each other, creating a fascinating impression of one “otherworldly” voice of incredible fullness and power of expression. Their use of the voice is also quite unusual: they perform many an unexpected trick combining classical singing with vocal styles from Persia, India, Byzantium, together with extended vocal techniques and some vocal acrobatics of their own. Noteworthy is also their power of improvisation. Their inspired art has been heard in Germany, Italy (on the Roman Foro Traiano), in Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland as well as in Iran. The music they perform goes beyond all categories. „His (Litwiński’s) … is a kind of timeless music, music that belongs to no century, or to all centuries” (John Schaefer, „New Sounds”, New York Public Radio). „In Litwinski’s music, one can sense a patina of the ancient, without, however, it being bound to any historical period. It is marked with timeless archaicness, drawing from mystical sources of many different cultures” (Matthias Osterwald, Urbane Aboriginale Festival VII, Berlin).

Polli Talu saab 20!

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Back at the Farm

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Summer came early this year and I missed spring all together.  All my tulips had already bloomed and so had cowslip, which I love to pick for tea. Immediately upon arriving, I went looking for the three Lady’s Slipper plants I had discovered last summer. And yes, all three where there and I found a forth one as well. I truly feel blessed to have such magnificent wild orchids living on my land.