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Summer Schedule


June 11– 12  Kundalini Yoga Intensive
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

July 1 – 7   Dancing Oneness – a Dance Workshop for Women
Cornelia Freise (Germany)

July 6  An Evening of Dance for Women
Cornelia Freise (Germany)

July 13 – 19  Kundalini Yoga Vacation
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia /USA)

August 10 – 16  The Passion, Purpose & Pleasure Wellness Retreat
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia /USA)

September 16 – 18  Kundalini Yoga Intensive
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

September 24 – 25  Whole Foods Cooking Intensive
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

All workshops and retreats are being taught in / or are translated into English.

For more information and to register please e-mail or call + 372 47 75363

Deposit and payment instructions will be provided once you register.

Prices include course fee, housing and meals (transfer to Polli Talu and international travel is not included).

One day workshops do not include housing. Housing is optional

Discounts for students and seniors: 20 %

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