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Dancing with the Lindworm

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Clarity, Love and Intuition in Dance

with Cornelia Freise (Germany)

July 10 – 16, 2019

We live by mystery and not by explanations.

Cecil Collins

Foto: Malle Kosk

A Nordic fairy tale tells the story of a lindworm. He appears as the unknown older brother of the prince as he searches for a bride. The prince realizes that there must have been something secretive about his birth. The king and the queen agree to shed light on the secret story and invite the lindworm back into their castle. In the night of their birth, the first born son was born a small lindworm, upon which the midwife immediately threw him out of the window.

The king and the queen also look for a bride for the lindworm. After many women have been eaten by the lindworm, there is but one courageous young woman left, who has a closeness to the natural world. She makes it a condition, to be granted one year and a day to prepare for the wedding. She looks for guidance in nature and follows the advice of an old woman whom she meets by an old oak tree. On the wedding day she openly meets the lindworm and negotiates her terms with him. If she takes off one of her 12 embroidered wedding shirts, the lindworm must take off one layer of his scales. Thus it happens that the lindworm lets go of more and more of his protective shields. At the end a badly wounded male being appears, whom his bride scrubbs clean and then bathes in milk, at which point the transformation comes to a happy end. The prince and the bride spend a wonderful wedding night together.

When we dance this story with the attitudes of courage, simplicity and truth, we can get access to deeper parts of ourselves, and are able to confront what we have exiled from ourselves. Dance offers a playful and easy way to experience the power in our body and to express it. While dancing, we can feel connected to the Whole and become whole again.

Cornelia works with dances out of the space of the heart, circle dances, dreams and heart meditation.

No prior dance training is required.

Each participant is herself responsible fro what happens during the dance sessions.

Cornelia Freise, born in 1957, lives in Bremen, Germany. As a lawyer she worked on several scientific projects. In 1986 the direction of her life changed and she began to teach sacred dance. Since 1992 she has worked as a freelance dance therapist (HPG). In 1996 she founded „The Dancing Wild Sow – Institute for Transformation through Dance, Meditative Dancing and Dance Therapy“ in Bremen which offers „Dancing from the Space of the Heart“ as a 2-year dance education for people from different professional back grounds. Since 1985 she follows the mystical path of the golden Sufis which inspires and carries her work. Since 2002 she conducts dance workshops in California, Singapore and Estonia. In 2010 Cornelia published a book on her way of dancing in German. The Estonian translation „Tantsi! oma südamest“ was released in 2013.


We will begin on Wednesday with dinner at 18.00 and end on Tuesday with breakfast.


Euro 683 includes the workshop fee, meals and housing (transfer to Polli Talu and international travel is not included).

Transfer from the airport to Polli Talu by car costs Euro 100 – and can be shared by max 4 participants.



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