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Blissful Kundalini Yoga Vacation

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with Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

July 24 – 30, 2022

A week of awareness, relaxation and deep rest

Sometimes a week away from your everyday surroundings works wonders. It can put you in touch with who you really are, what you really want from your life and provide insights, inspiration and support to start things moving in a fresh direction. The week at my arts and wellness center gives you the opportunity to explore your passions and connect to your purpose while enjoying a most pleasurable time with blissful yoga, delicious vegetarian food, aromatic yogi tea, luxurious massages, breath walks and soothing meditations. Relax and rejuvenate in the serenity of the Western Estonian countryside. Experience white nights, juniper groves and wooded meadows filled with wildflowers and herbs. Explore beautiful sites as we set out on a day trip to visit local museums, medieval castles, bird sanctuaries, bogs and islands.

Kundalini yoga, a dynamic form of yoga, combining postures, stretching, movement, meditation, breathing, and chanting, it stimulates the glands, strengthens the nervous system, opens meridians, and balances chakras. The practice of Kundalini yoga brings with it a sense of wellbeing that is immediately tangible. After a yoga session one feels grounded, energized and uplifted. It helps to relax the body and calm the mind, increasing our capacity for concentration, creativity and intuition. Ultimately, it brings us to a deeper understanding of our potentials and ourselves and allows for a harmonious merging of body, mind and soul with the universal energy surrounding us. I invite you to delve in and immerse yourself into a holistic way of being and living, where body, mind and spirit are integrated and deeply cared for.

Retreat Details 

Two Kundalini Yoga classes per day and morning Sadhana

This ancient practice combines postures, stretching, movement, meditation, breathing and chanting. It is a stimulating work out for your body, mind and spirit. In the morning, yoga is followed by an hour of chanting to clear your subconscious mind of negativity, of thoughts that hold you back or cast a shadow on your divine inner being.


Enjoy the therapeutic and relaxing effects of classical massages or Reiki treatments.

Breath Walks

A safe and easy work-out that keeps your body and heart fit while increasing oxygen levels in your blood, helping to fire up your metabolism and optimize calorie burning capacity while at the same time clearing your mind and expanding your awareness of the here and now.

Evening Meditations

At the end of the day ground yourself and calm your mind in preparation for a restful and deep sleep.

Day Trip

This summer we will take a trip to the women’s island Kihnu. Read more about Kihnu in this New York Times article.

Click here to join us for a blissful week at my farm in Estonia!


I had an absolutely amazing time at Polli Talu. It felt like I was in heaven. The place itself is like a piece of art, surrounded by forest, flowers, bees and garden. The food was among the best I have ever eaten, 100% homemade, vegetarian and clean. The yoga classes were strengthening in a good way. I love Marika’s Kundalini yoga style, a perfect mix of more physical exercises mixed with the softer relaxations and meditations. I would love to go back and I am giving my warmest recommendations for anyone in need of a healthy vacation. – Madeleine Wilhelmsson – Studio owner, yoga teacher Stockholm (Sweden)

Oh yes, Kundalini Yoga can be challenging, but it is also so much fun! Especially with the instructions given by Marika! Her friendly, charismatic voice guides you through the exercises, explains, encourages and helps to relax. It’s a great experience and combined with soothing massages, delicious healthy food and a nice excursion it was a bliss, I will never forget!     – Marion (Germany)

I loved Polli Talu and its setting and felt it was a perfect getaway that allowed us to focus on body, mind and spirit. I liked the daily schedule but also the fact that we had free time each morning and afternoon to read, write, sleep, have a massage, walk, whatever. The mix of a schedule with definite times for meals, yoga, meditation with the free time was perfect and wonderful. The daily breath walks were amazing. After the retreat, I felt totally refreshed and more relaxed.     – Christina (USA)

We enjoyed the week-long retreat tremendously. The yoga program was very diverse and well-rounded, alternating between strenuous and deeply relaxing exercises. We also enjoyed the outing very much, a chance to get to know some of the stunning natural sites in Estonia. All aspects of the retreat came together as a beautiful whole, including the lovely food. Polli Talu is a special place on planet Earth which emanates peace and tranquility. The hostess is warmhearted and welcoming and made us feel like members of her family immediately.     – Kerstin and Guido (Germany)

This yoga retreat is the perfect time out! For one week, I get to exchange my hectic and stress-laden life for a few peaceful days in nature, lots of yoga and time for myself, wonderful food (luckily you can now find most recipes in Marika’s cookbook), interesting encounters and enriching conversations with other retreat participants – and all of this at an incomparably beautiful and magical place! Ever since I went there the first time, I hold Polli Talu in my heart – all year long.      – Sandra (Germany)

I just returned from an amazing week at Polli Talu with Marika and 11 yoga mates. First, may I say that Marika is the quintessential hostess, making sure all of our needs were met. The farm is gorgeous, beautifully renovated and decorated to reflect the warm, country environment. Our meals were straight from Marika’s amazing cookbooks, the yoga was beautifully taught, breath walks, massage, sauna and new friends. Two of the highlights were swimming in the Baltic Sea, and visiting a beautiful island filled with native flora. I know I will return soon.   – Carole (USA)

Words don’t really do it justice, but the retreat was such a tremendously powerful, positive, and moving experience for me. Traveling to Estonia again had been on the front of my mind for many years. I am so glad I had the opportunity to anchor my trip with the yoga retreat.

My favorite aspects of the retreat were the people and personal growth that occurred. I feel like we had such a wonderful group, everyone was very friendly and loving. The food was simply fantastic. I lost about five pounds during the week, which was welcome by me. I left feeling so good in every way. I literally felt on a “high” for many weeks afterwards.

Every aspect of the retreat seemed meaningfully and well planned. Your farm is such a beautiful and special place. From the nature, to splendid weather, swimming in the sea, laying in the sun. I felt connected and loved that feeling.

I think of Estonia often. I hope to be able to return soon.   – Brendan (USA)

Polli Talu’s Blissful Kundalini Yoga Vacation was like entering wonderland. The supportive calm of nature, the comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the country place, the healthy and delicious meals, the nurturing effect of the sauna visit as well as Marika’s well-rounded teaching experience created a lovely whole. Everything was beautifully balanced. There was just enough yoga, mantras, meditations, walks in nature but also time for one self, to swim, to read or to converse with other retreat participants. One highpoint was our daytrip, which lead us to Osmussaare, a small island in the Baltic Sea. Thanks to our wonderful guide, we learned so much about this unique place. Thank you, Marika, for helping us to truly rest, take quality time for ourselves and create a wonderful feeling within.   – Terje (Estonia)

Marika was certified by 3HO Kundalini Yoga East in New York City. She has over 25 years of international teaching experience.

A licensed Massage Therapist from Estonia will administer massages.

No previous experience in yoga is required. Beginners are very welcome!


We will begin with lunch on July 24 and end with breakfast on July 30.

Cost for retreat

USD 810 includes meals and accommodations, classes, 2 massages, and 1 outing per person (transfer to Polli Talu and international travel is not included).

Book by May 15 and save with Early Bird pricing at USD 730.

Transfer from the airport to Polli Talu by car costs EUR 100 – and can be shared by max 4 participants.


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