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Star Thalers are Dancing

Star Thalers are Dancing

Dances between Heaven and Earth

July 1 – 7, 2017

Cornelia Freise (Germany)


What counts is not the enormity of the task, but the magnitude of courage.

Matthieu Ricard

The Star Thalers is a fairy tale about a lonesome girl who sets out on a journey without any belongings except the clothes on her body and the bread in her hand. She shares both with other destitutes. In the end, she stands alone in the woods, naked but with a pure heart and a miracle happens. Stars fall from the sky as golden coins. It is the moment in which we do not hold on to anything anymore and suddenly everything is given to us. A moment of complete trust allows us to move into a dimension beyond our imagination.

To say yes even if we don´t know anything requires courage, patience and trust in the unknown. We open up and move into the empty space of our longing, naked and bare yet held by essence.

This is possible through our female power which we can sense and access in dance in a simple and easy way. The different dance steps allow us to trust the moment and to receive its gifts. The stars take a hold of us in their infinity as we dance. In this way, we too can become wondrous dancing star thalers. While dancing, we open up to the whole which is shining through our being.

We will work with dances out of the space of the heart®, free dances, meditation of the heart and dreams.

No prior dance training is required.

Each participant is herself responsible for what happens during the dance sessions.

Cornelia Freise, born in 1957, lives in Bremen, Germany. As a lawyer she worked on several scientific projects. In 1986 the direction of her life changed and she began to teach sacred dance. Since 1992 she has worked as a free lance dance therapist (HPG). In 1996 she founded „The Dancing Wild Sow – “Institute for Transformation through Dance, Meditative Dancing and Dance Therapy” in Bremen which offers “Dancing from the Space of the Heart“ a 2-year dance education for people from different professional backgrounds. Since 1985 she is following the mystical path of the golden Sufis which inspires and carries her work. Since 2002 she conducts workshops in California, Singapore and Estonia.  In 2010 Cornelia published a book on her way of dancing in German. The Estonian translation “Tantsi! oma südamest” was released in 2013.


We will begin on Saturday with dinner at 18.00 and end on Friday with breakfast.


Euro 649 includes the workshop fee, meals and housing (transfer to Polli Talu and international travel is not included).

Transfer from the airport to Polli Talu Arts Center by car costs Euro 80 one way – car may be shared by max 4 participants.

Register or call +372-477-5363


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